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Hey ! (click images to have a better view.. :/)

I was supposed to share more meshes but I’m not satisfied so i don’t know if i’m going to share them later..I’ll see. It took me ages to finish these, Lack of time + issues with a mesh i’m not sharing in  the end. 

Good part is that I’ve learned so much these last weeks, thanks to Tinkle from BPS, She helped me a lot & taught me tons of useful things!

I would love to find help for my issue with ts3 eyes, caus’ then i would be able to create great sims etc.. :/ well will focus on objects for now. still have to try this. 

Still have many more things i want to do! Taking my time..And from now my meshes are going to be even better.

All meshes are included.

+ AG's half height wall writing 14RCs (YES, again, still want to recolor this mesh a lot, love it). —> DOWNLOAD
+ Matchboxes, MESH + 01RC —> DOWNLOAD
+ Notebooks, MESH + 06RCs —> DOWNLOAD
+ Pocci's mademoiselle chair 15RCS —> DOWNLOAD
+ Mango orane coussin 10RCs —> DOWNLOAD
+ Aussie lucas wall plate 30RCs —> DOWNLOAD

Most of things can be found on etsy (except antique things), here are some links.
Nirwa, Witandwhistle, OHNORachio, SketchInc, Berunagirlspapers, firstsnowfall . I’m sorry for those I forgot or those i don’t know about, 

More to come ! (faster this time, I hope ! :p)
Enjoy !


Almost forgot ! I’ve created a few things by request at BPS. 
Seltzer bottles HERE.
& two table lamps HERE

edit: Oh im so sorry i forgot about the links for the creators! it’s now edited. :D

My kind of style! ZOMG I cannot wait to play again and download these goodies!!!

Sweet mango cupcakes! ♥

Living Room.


Masterson house part 2 (I finally made those picture recolors!)


I set out to do some sort of autumn interior and it ended up being all grey and pink instead.


I have been watching Twin Peaks again..


Garden Falls - half bath


Garden Falls - half bath


Puh, finally finished! 16 neighborhood terrains for you to enjoy. Above you can see both the mirrored sc4 region (because sims 2 insists on flipping the maps ;) ) and one where I added the names of the regions in case you want just two or three connected neighborhoods.
I’ve added all 16 sc4 terrains in one big folder so just delete the ones you don’t want to have (I’ve also included the sc4 preview + the named preview). I’ve also made a slightshow with decorated examples of all the neighborhoods for you —> Sideshow

The neighborhoods come either as a version with bridges or one without bridges. Just be warned if you download the “no bridges” one, the rivers are quite wide, so you are going to need a really long deco bridge for them! Oh, and you probably will need a camera hack to see all the roads on the terrains!

Other than that enjoy, and please let me know if something doesn’t work, because this is the first time I share any sc4 terrains I’ve made.^^

Download BRIDGES Version   ||   Download NO BRIDGES Version